Month: March 2020

episode 6 | 25 march 2020

little monkeys, Cracker, zoom podcast technical difficulties, composting, Belgian unessential sex ban, dissing Cuomo, indigenous small pox epidemic, eat the rich redux, covid-19 theme song, non-Eurocentric history, sex worker compensation, Bolsanaro is insane, the ghost light, meditate on my penis

episode 5 | 18 march 2020

touch my dick, Hobo Tom, cruise ship hospitals, FaceBook AI, trillion dollar bailouts, covid-19, Socialism, Thoreau

episode 4 | 11 march 2020

Eric Prince and spies and Veritas and WTF, coronavirus, text from Rachel, indigenous peoples & Yucatan Rebellion of 1712, my cat Manny, Afganistan, Harvey Weinstein, Trump/Obama and aging, 2020 elections, steel cage fighting

episode 3 | 4 march 2020

pre-Colombian women resistance fighters, Super Tuesday, kneepad implants, al fresco temperature treatments

episode 2 | 26 February 2020

Billionaires including Xander math, Taxes, Motorcycle stories, Venezuela, Elysium review, Alien invasion, Internet and deep fakes, Spread the money around, Little girl in handcuffs, Xander in jail, San Francisco cops and Steveo’s wake, How to get a DUI on a bike …