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February 18, 2010

Day 2 - ER visit

TMI warning - if you find references to bodily fluid and trips to ER disturbing stop reading now.

Day 2 arrived in the form of chronic hiccups which are the result of the anti-emetic cocktail and reaction to the Cisplatin. The 3.5 hour hiccup episode ended me up in ER with a bit of blood in my vomit. Not a lot but enough to scare some people on the telephone (infusion nurse Jason, for example).

They kept me for a couple of hours and decided since there was no blood in the other end, I could take a 'pepsin' (an anti-acid for the stomach) and go home. I didn't go home though. Bill (rad therapist) called from radiation and asked if they could move up treatment to 6:30 so Noah, who arrived unexpectedly but to my great appreciation (as I was practicing Qi Gong in my private ER room) asked if he could do anything. He is now a veteran of trips to the Rohnert Park Cancer Center where I get the rads. Xander was to taxi tonight, but because the Dude was there, he was put on standby and will taxi me on day 3.

I did not take Ativan tonight because I was better prepared and especially after meeting J I knew I could get through it. What agonized me at first was that because of the ER visit and the change in the rad schedule I did not have time to get home to get music. Ugh!

Noah came through though. He had Mark McLay and the Dustdevils 'Love and Barbwire' cd and that got me through. Mark is an amazing talent and that he is a good friend is double the pleasure for me.

Noah eventually delivered me home after the 10 minute treatment and not without performing an amazing feat fit only those of thin bodies and youthful vigor can perform, crawling through the cat door because we were locked out (taking a house key along for the ER trip had not occurred to me). Claire and the kids arrived home shortly after and I slept well.

Updates may occur throughout the day ...

Posted by Michael at February 18, 2010 09:38 AM