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February 21, 2010

Days 4 & 5 - A little better

The main problem right now is eating. I am definitely off my food. My tummy feels bloated most of the time but there's nary a thing in it. There's other stuff going on that's definitely TMI that is contributing, so I guess my body is just trying to figure things out.

Saturday Claire and Finghín and Julia and Paul and I all took a walk around Schollenberger Park (a local wetlands). It's 2 miles around and I did pretty good. I wanted to try it today, but it's rainy and I've little energy. The motivation is there, but man I am simply wrecked.

The great Caroline Hegarty came over Saturday night and cooked (no, really) an awesome swordfish and soup and some other stuff. Everyone is still alive and anyone needing evidence of her culinary maturation may now utilize our vote.

Rads continue on Monday and I doubt I'll have anything jolly to note about that. It's supposed to get worse in a few weeks so maybe posting will become a bit more of a chore. I hope not. I think it helps me a bit.

Today (Sunday) I had a decent brekkie and got up to have lunch just now and all that appealed was a strawberry popsicle (all natural, mind). I know I gotta keep the weight up, so maybe I'll start in ice cream next?

Right now I'm trying to keep up with paying bills and help out around the house a bit. Tyler is here this weekend helping too which is awesome.

Posted by Michael at February 21, 2010 12:07 PM