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March 27, 2010

Day 39 - Michael's Words

So it is Saturday afternoon and I just asked Michael if he wanted to play charades or 20 questions so I could get the theme for what he wanted to cover in today's blog. Because I did not get his visual cues right away, he said "I'm thinking" in a Steven Hawking kind of way.

Here are Michael's words that he wants to share:

There is a key word that is used when Peter Quincy Taggert considers the use of a device as powerful as the Omega 13. Although the ultimate effect of the device is debated, it's length is known: 13 seconds. While his crew doubt that 13 seconds is enough time to do anything of meaning, Taggert suggests that thirteen seconds is enough time to redeem one bad decision.

The key word is redeem. Getting cancer is kind of like that. In a way, I am getting a chance at redemption, getting a second chance with a body that in many ways is in better shape (believe it or not - you need to see my labs!) than before this all started. With this perspective tightly in hand I have considerable opportuinity to make amazing positive changes in my life.

I will be thinking about what I would like to change post treatment, but one thing I know with certainty right now: I want to do all I can to honor the love, courage, and loyalty that Claire has shown me in this last difficult 40+ days. If you knew her the way I do, you would know exactly what this means. I will say now to her and to this company, as she sits in front of me typing these words, weeping, that I love her dearly.

No one in my experience has shown me more courage, devotion, and love than Claire has shown; and for the second time, I am calling myself the luckiest man on earth.

OK, the screen has suddenly gone blurry and the keyboard is getting wet, so I will adjorn today's entry in the words of Commander Taggert: "Never Give Up, Never Surrender".

Posted by Claire at March 27, 2010 04:20 PM