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April 09, 2010

Baseline for Recovery

Since treatment has ended, the focus turns to recovery. The doctors have told Michael not to expect to feel better for some time, that it will probably be towards the end of April before he starts to feel like he is turning a corner. In the meantime, living in the moment to moment of pain, gagging, and discomfort, recovery seems like an unattainable state.

With that in mind, Michael and I put together a base line of current symptoms and aids, kind of like a check list, so that when one of these things falls off the list, it will indeed show mending and healing are happening.

This list is not necessarily all inclusive and may be a bit TMIish for some:
- high blood pressure
- thrush
- high heart rate
- weight loss
- dehydration
- peeling skin (neck)
- dry skin (body)
- smelly mouth
- interrupted sleep
- fatigue
- mouth sores ("like a million paper cuts")
- afraid to swallow
- pain in swallowing
- radiation burn
- acid reflux
- loss of voice (hard to talk)
- gag reflex
- vomiting
- depression
- anxiety
- hair loss
- mucus, mucus, mucus
- lack of taste buds
- general malaise

- feeding tube
- suction machine
- ativan
- SSD cream
- diflucan
- pain meds as needed

As you can see from the above, your continued healing thoughts and well wishes are still desired and needed. Thank you all for your emails, calls, cards, and flowers. The house definitely looks like spring!

On other news, Finghin is recovering well from the chickenpox. Thankfully, he has a very mild dose that does not seem to be slowing him down.

Thanks to Bette for the fragrant healing balms; thanks to Mike D. for helping with the dump run; thanks to Holly H. for the soothing oatmeal bath mix; thanks to Gary R. for being there; thanks to Stephanie T. for the garden contributions; ever thanks to Grandma Teresa, the garden looks amazing!

Please continue to send emails to me at justclaire@gmail.com

Posted by Claire at April 9, 2010 09:06 AM