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May 16, 2010

Checklist Revised

Posted by Claire

Many of you have asked for an update on the checklist... anything off the list? how is the list going? any progress on the list? So I thought it a good time to update. Overall, improvement can be shown, but moving at a snail's pace.

Here is the original list with updates posted in parenthesis.

- high blood pressure (LOWER)
- thrush (BETTER)
- high heart rate (NO)
- weight loss (NO, gained back 3 lbs)
- dehydration (NO)
- peeling skin (neck) (NO - looks like a great farmer's tan)
- dry skin (body) (YES, BUT BETTER)
- smelly mouth (BETTER)
- interrupted sleep (YES, Definitely)
- fatigue (YES)
- mouth sores ("like a million paper cuts") (YES, but improved)
- afraid to swallow (YES)
- pain in swallowing (YES)
- radiation burn (NO, all healed)
- acid reflux (YES)
- loss of voice (hard to talk) (BETTER)
- gag reflex (SOMETIMES)
- vomiting (BETTER)
- depression (YES)
- anxiety (BETTER)
- hair loss (YES, see previous post by Mick)
- mucus, mucus, mucus (YES, but changing)
- lack of taste buds (BETTER)
- general malaise (BETTER)

- feeding tube (YES, exclusively)
- suction machine (NO - IT'S GONE)
- ativan (SOMETIMES)
- SSD cream (NO, radiation burn healed)
- diflucan (Just finished another course)
- pain meds as needed (Advil)

Posted by Claire at May 16, 2010 04:11 PM