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June 11, 2010

still corner turning

I'm feeling pretty good these days, more energy, and stamina. I still tire easily but this week I have been planting veggies in the garden, playing tennis with Finghin (I tire in 15 minutes), playing music (I return to band practice this Sunday!), attending group supervision at the clinic (no clients yet), housework, and finishing up an online class to make the MA official.

As a result of my my growing availability around here, Claire has been forced to focus her attention more on her job. It's a good thing I guess, putting the pressure on me to step up.

I have a PET/CT scan on the 28th that will determine if they got it all, so it's my first major milestone, post treatment (fingers crossed!).

I still have problems with my throat. talking for even a short time is difficult, painful, and tiring, so I'm still not too good for phone calls. Swallowing is still a problem as lack of moisture combined with thick, rubbery mucus make everything difficult, sometimes very painful. It feels like I've plateaued at this place this week, with no real improvement.

I have less mucus, and that's good, but it's still a problem.

I hope everyone is doing great. I am trying to decide what team to support for the World Cup. Cheering for the US feels too nationalistic and cheering for Cameroon too chic. I've decided to support Uruguay because it's probably the most interesting name for a country and comes from an Indian term meaning “river of the painted birds” which sounds nice.



Posted by Michael at June 11, 2010 05:10 PM