bismarck, nd

WW”M CERORTH Dakota is a lovely place, however if you’re just driving through on the way to somewhere else, be prepared to see a whole lot of nothing. We did have in interesting encounter at a gas station where the worker there lamented having to wear a mask because she wasn’t vaccinated. “I don’t like to be told what to do in that communistic way,” she said. Not being able to help myself I said, “Yeah like speed limit laws, and smoking bans!” to which she laughed, “What speed limits?” I could have added so many more “communistic” laws people take for granted in order to ensure safety, but yeah we’re on our holidays and what would be the point?

Bismarck has a nice museum (North Dakota Heritage Center & State Museum) with nice old ladies docents who made us feel right at home. We walked around a bit but did not take any photos inside.

KOA at Bismarck it was just ok. Tomorrow is Mt Rushmore, WY.