mount rushmore, sd

So there’s no way to clean this up. What we saw at Mt Rushmore was “A lot of ___ people all lining up for ice cream.” I’m ashamed to single out groups for shaming, I can’t even write the word I’m so ashamed. However, there are groups of people who visit places like this to consume and I suppose we owe them a debt of gratitude for providing the South Dakota economy such a benefit. A bit of research by Finghin revealed that fully 82% of the SD GNP is from tourism at Mt Rushmore.

I was struck by how these white, euro-centric men, imperialists all, looked down upon land sacred to indigenous peoples as if to say, “That’s right LOSERS!”. I found it disgusting in symbolism and a marvel of engineering.

The country is beautiful yet the people made it, as I joked to friends, “Disneyland South Dakota”. The KOA at Mt Rushmore is beautiful too, yet again the ___ people made it ugh. Finghin adds it is “very commercialized from gold panning to buying confederate flags in a self-described ‘Trump Country'” I wish it could have been a different experience for us.