salt lake city, ut

Ok, after visiting Salt Lake City (SLC) we stayed Sunday night at Echo Island RV Park and compared to the Winnemucca, NV the Silver Springs RV Park, it was heaven! We had beans and hotdogs prepared by Cookie (Finghin) and camped by a lovely river.

The shower facilities were awesome and we slept pretty well. I’ve given up sleeping on the platform because it’s too unstable getting up there without a proper ladder. Off to Wyoming tomorrow!

Ok, Salt Lake City is simply majestic. I didn’t have my camera ready for some images that will remain in memory like the first group we met who looked like they just walked out of the downtown Petaluma Starbucks, the Gay Pride Parade downtown SLC, the almost naked the roller blade guy, and the coven of LDS sisters offering help around the temple.

We put in 3 miles of walking around the grounds and the impressive state building. The church itself is undergoing a seismic retrofit so we did not get closer than the work barriers. They’re placing “rollers” under the building to help it sustain earthquakes and I wondered what they weren’t telling us!

I got to ask an awkward question about Mormons and LDS. I had heard that LDS (Latter Day Saints) feel the term Mormon is offensive. The kindly sister let me know that, while not offensive, it isn’t proper and it is not how they self-refer.

After picking up a Utah sticker at a souvenir shop where I got to make another awkward comment about how much we were surprised by how SLC seemed a “modern” city, and got to witness, first-hand, in-person, my very first anti-masker. Utah does not require masks in shops but they do require 6′ distance. We were careful in the shop but I wandered too close to a couple and, realizing, I apologized and stepped back. The male of the older couple (well, probably as old as myself) stood his ground! He replied, “I have no problem with that! We have stayed normal the whole time.” The female with him added, “And we’re vaccinated.” I was tempted to ask if for them, getting vaccinated was normal, however I reckoned I had put Finghin through my quota for awkward moments. Ah, what a trip!

A couple hours downtown we high tailed to Echo Island, checked in, got ice, set up camp and it was so very nice until midnight when our neighbor campsite’s dog started barking. It was fine really.

There are photos below.